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Our Services

We work with developers, property and business owners and facility managers to deliver construction projects. Our team specializes in the following areas:
  • Retail and commercial tenant improvements
  • Civil services
  • Property and facility management
  • Ground up construction

Our Project Services Includes The Following Construction Pillars.

Estimating & Procurement

Our experienced estimators act as your extended consultancy team to help develop and manage the budget along with the construction schedule. We leverage our internal experience, correct take-offs, and current data points to develop our budgets. To help with the estimating process, we ask a lot of questions. We complete deeper dives into the macro and microeconomics, analyze supply chain conditions, consider mother nature combined with municipal conditions to help us develop an accurate and comprehensive budget.

Project Management

Described as tenacious and organized, our project management team leans on their industry experience to develop and implement the process and controls necessary for each project to be successful. The team collaborates with procurement to meet objectives and timelines. Proper reporting and ongoing client communication ensures transparency and develops a positive experience.

Value Engineering

Project budgets are important and top of mind when we are developing our construction budgets. We rely on our team’s expert negotiation skills and industry experience to build and align the best and most qualified trades to deliver each project. Our team looks to provide value.


Outlining the objectives and desired outcomes is the first step in setting up the project for success. In the early stages of pre-construction, we are armed with questions. We always tell our clients to be ready for answers. Our team understands collecting the right data and analyzing all data points is necessary. Property owners have relied on our team to execute the preliminary work to ensure project finance feasibility, provide sustainable solutions, and understand all technical aspects.

Health & Safety

At NPCM, construction safety takes high priority for all the team members that work on and off site. We remain committed to providing a safe worksite. Safety measures are reviewed on an ongoing basis as each project stage. Our site superintendents are provided with full authority to ensure our sites are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety conditions. Partnered with supportive safety messaging and ongoing safety education, our team is confident that every team member can return home safely each day.

Our Equation For Project Success

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Team Alignment

We believe in operating as a high performing team. Building the right project delivery team early is critical in executing a successful project. By aligning early with our client’s project visions and objectives provides optimal project outcomes. Our team is focused on controlling risk and budgets.

Problem Solvers

Aside from industry experience, we look to hire expert problem solvers. In addition, being a critical thinker and naturally curios are also important. Asking the right questions allows us to solve problems quicker. We naturally want to find solutions. We’re here to help.

Strategic Thinkers

Plan for success. Current global conditions with supply chain and labor issues while managing site safety requires forward thinking and planning. Placing a strong emphasis on the project execution and communication plan before the project translate to positive project outcomes.